Bulletproof Hosting Done Right

Your fully anonymous hosting, where EVERYTHING is allowed

Zamanto provides reliable bulletproof hosting with protection from DMCA reports or malware takedown requests, maintaining your rights to absolute online freedom. Whether you wanna host an activist site, malware, spam, torrents or anything in between, you're safe with us. We'll keep you online, no matter what. Guaranteed.

  • DMCA ignored
  • Botnets allowed
  • Spam friendly
  • Online no matter what
  • Completely anonymous
  • Very, very fast


We never store or share your data with anyone, or keep any logs of your activity. We always keep you online, no matter what.



With our ultra modern servers and network, your data will be transfered to end user in milliseconds.



We have a dedicated team to assist you at anytime. You can drop us an email or chat with us 24/7. We're always here for you.